Boilers are designed to heat your home efficiently and manufactured to cope with your hot-water and heating demands for years to come, however on occasion they may begin to falter and make strange noises.

Some issues can be serious and unsafe for you to conduct on your own; you should leave such matters in the hands of a qualified engineer. Unless it is a straightforward case of thawing out frozen (and accessible) pipes, you should never try to fix the boiler yourself, however, we could help you identify a potential problem.


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Why is my boiler making loud noises?

The noise – often described as gurgling, banging or whistling – could be caused by something called kettling, which occurs because of a limescale build-up in the heat exchanger. This creates steam bubbles in the system and ‘hot spots’ arise as a result. It is these hot spots that can cause the loud noises, so they need to be treated with a chemical solution to clear the limescale blockage.

Our engineers could rectify this by adding the solution to the expansion tank and leave it for a designated period before draining, flushing and refilling the system to fix the problem for you. This could help to restore your central heating system back to full working order.


Is the pressure OK on my boiler?

Loud noises like whistling could be caused by a fault with the pressure in the boiler. It may be the case that there isn’t enough water flowing through the system due to low pressure – you could check the pressure gauge to see if it is below one bar. If it is, the pressure is too low, and it will need to be increased by a qualified engineer.


How do I know if my boiler isn’t working properly?

There are some checks that can be made by one of our experts to help get your central heating running smoothly again. They inspect the feed and the expansion tank for the correct water levels; if they are too low or non-existent, they could refill them and restore the boiler back to full working order.

They may also endeavour to check the float valve and safety vent pipe for the correct position, as it is a common problem for these to become stuck and cause disruption to the water levels or let surplus air into the system. This is often the cause of loud noises coming from your boiler unit.


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Do I need a new boiler?

One of our engineers may conclude that your boiler needs replacing if it has become dangerous to use and the strange noises are being caused by a deeper, more serious issue. If this is the case, don’t worry, we supply and install a range of A rated boilers that could help make your home a more comfortable and energy-efficient way to live. You could get a quote quickly and easily for a new boiler installation using our free online quote tool today.

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